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Step into the vibrant world of Jay's House Inc., where every vision of compassion paints a brighter future for children on the autistic spectrum. As you journey through our organization, you'll discover a sanctuary of hope, a haven where each child's unique brilliance shines brightly.


In our tapestry of support, threads of understanding, patience, and empowerment weave together to create a canvas of opportunity. Here, we embrace the diversity of neurodiversity, celebrating the kaleidoscope of talents and gifts that each child brings to the forefront.


With your support, we can furnish these young ones with the tools they need to flourish. Together, let's sculpt a landscape where every child is not just seen but truly understood, where their dreams take flight and their aspirations know no bounds.

Join us in our quest to cultivate a world where children on the autistic spectrum are not just accepted but embraced, where their voices echo through the corridors of possibility. Together, let's create a full picture of inclusion, one "puzzle piece" at a time.


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19 Lambsons Lane

Suite A104-2

New Castle, DE 19720

Mon. - Fri., 9a - 3p


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