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Our Services 

If you would like more information on any of our services or would like to make an appointment, please feel free to email us or call us: or  302-668-1337

Child Therapy Office


We offer child and/or family therapy sessions facilitated by certified professionals, providing a safe space for those in need to express themselves and find support.


In Home Support 

Our certified professional offers in-home support, assisting both the family and child directly within their environment. Through observation and guidance, our professional facilitates constructive resolutions, fostering positive growth and harmony within the family dynamic.

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Individual Counseling

Our counseling sessions are designed to guide individuals toward a more productive lifestyle, offering support and strategies to help them achieve their goals.

Computer Screens

Zoom Meetings

Our certified professionals exclusively host Zoom meetings for therapy and individual counseling on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. This structured schedule ensures dedicated support and consistency for our clients' well-being.

School Supply

In School Support

(Begin Fall August 2024)

Our certified professionals offer a unique service where they will visit the child's school to assist directly to them, while also educating school staff along the way. This collaborative approach ensures comprehensive support for the child and promotes understanding and inclusion within the school community.

Meeting Room

Professional Development 

Our professional development training service enables us to come to your daycare and provide training to your staff on autism awareness. 

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