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In 2017, Jay's House Inc emerged from the heart of a dedicated single mother, nurturing three children, one of whom walks the extraordinary path of autism. Passion ignited its inception, fueling a mission to provide unwavering support to families like theirs.


At our core, we are driven by the unwavering commitment to stand by families navigating the unique journey of raising autistic children. Tailoring our support to meet the diverse needs of families with autistic children aged 18 months to 16 years, we offer a spectrum of services. From advocacy to facilitating access to external resources, from guiding through the intricacies of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 plans to providing the indispensable pillar of emotional support—we're here, devoted to empowering every step of the way.

Our Founder

Drawing from her personal journey as an autism parent, Ada brings a wealth of relatability, understanding, patience, and firsthand experiences to the families embraced by Jay's House. Beyond her personal insights, Ada holds an impressive array of certifications and academic achievements, including being a certified life coach, Autism Specialist, and possessing expertise in supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Additionally, she is a state-certified Administrator and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral Science and a Master's Degree in Human Services.


Ada's guiding principle, encapsulated in her favorite quote from Romans 8:28, underscores her belief in the power of faith and resilience: "All Things Work Together For the Good Of Them that Love God, & To them that are Called According to His Purpose!" Through her dedication, expertise, and unwavering faith, Ada empowers families to find hope, strength, and purpose in their autism journey with Jay's House.

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Our children aren't different they're


Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support to families and children affected by autism.  


Our Vision

Our vision is to equip the children on the spectrum and their families with the necessary tools to be successful, prosperous, equally valued and accepted members of theirs communities.

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